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In an effort to help our teaching fraternity we are offering Videotorial, free software to record video lectures for their students. Teachers can use their Windows PCs to create audio/video lectures, which can be sent offline to students by simply recording their desktop.

Use a Microsoft One Note window to write on or PowerPoint slides. Videotorial will capture your voice using your (default) microphone and can record all or part of your desktop. Please check our video for instructions, although moderately experienced computer users can skip this tutorial and try using Videotorial right away.

There are many free tools for video editing if users want more flexibility, e.g. to glue two videos together or to cut part of a video. A particularly nice recommendation from us is Openshot, which can be downloaded from

System Requirements: Use Windows 10 64 bit machines with i7 processors and 4GB RAM for best results.

Download Videotorial-Lolaark

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